Being a mum of three girls – its hard to find something different for all three, that’s why I choose to shop small. Not only do you get something created specifically for you, it doesn’t cost much more as you might think and the customer service is second to none.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying every chain has bad customer service, far from it, but I choose to shop small because supporting a small business means 1) you’re helping them grow 2) they know every little detail about everything they sell 3) they want you to be happy with your item and love it as much as the love they put in to making it.

I love buying items created just for my girls and they love knowing someone took the time to create it just for them. It inspire them - my eldest now wants to revamp most of her chain clothes to make them unique- and it also inspires me to create unique things for them too.

I’d love to one day be one of the small businesses myself. Most of the small businesses I buy from are parents who have chosen to make their products for a number of reasons; to spend more time with their children, earn extra money, ensure long lasting products are being bought. I mean who knows better than a parent about all the things you wish clothes did for example grown with your little ones!

These are my reasons why I choose to shop and support small businesses.

From a Mum of 3 beautiful and beautifully dressed girls 😊


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