What is a brand rep?

“A brand rep is someone who represents a brand on Instagram to promote products and share the shops news.”

Well at least that’s what google tells me. For me, being a brand rep is having such a strong passion and love for a small business that I will do my part to help them grow and success.

Being part of a team watching them gain followers, customers and great reviews is what its all about for me!

When I first had my son 6 years ago I had no idea about this whole other side of Instagram was. I only ever used it to see what One Direction were up to or what Kim Kardashian was wearing last week, I wasn’t fully aware it was full of so many successful small shops!

After having a new baby, I set up a fresh account and came across so many amazing little businesses, so I decided to dip my toes in and apply to be a brand rep and we were quickly chosen.

Ok, so hold on – I had no idea what I was doing and I was terrified, this amazing company has chosen boring little me to help promote their store, but that was months ago and wow have I grown in confidence myself since. The benefits of repping for a company you are genuinely passionate about are endless, I rep alongside a team of amazing girls and beautiful babies who I’d now like to call my forever friends!

They have taught me to be bold and brave with outfits and with living life in general. Would you believe me I told you a group of at one point these virtual strangers pulled me out of a sad lonely place without even realising it? No, I wouldn’t believe it either, but the benefits are endless.

Representing a brand isn’t just sharing a few pictures here and there, its being part of an ‘Instagram family’, its being involved in the back stage magic of it all watching something beautiful flourish from something so small. So please never underestimate your capability to help a businesses grow and take the leap yourself, it’s the best thing I ever did.



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