A term often used around Instagram , have you heard it? For me, to shop small has a wider meaning than some. It’s a way to support, interact and provide.

My experiences of shopping via Instagram haven’t always been filled with sweetness and joy, I sometimes found myself asking - I was supporting them, but were they supporting me?

When I first started buying from some small shops I made my mistakes, I invested time, money and kindness to give back to them and at times I was ripped off? Items not received, items arrive damaged, and sometimes I’ve just been ignored, but that is the life you live and you learn from it. You have to find the right place for you and learn from your mistakes. So I continued to search for the best Instagram small businesses.

Ordering from a small company like Lou & Boo gives you a completely different feeling to walking into my local supermarket and picking an outfit of the shelf. The excitement of placing an order, waiting for that email “Your order has been dispatched!” and waiting for the postman to knock at the door with your parcel its amazing. You take the parcel from his hand quicker than a bolt of lighting and rip it open to set your eyes on the most beautiful item.

A small business is more than just a company making money. It’s a family, a mum or a dad, a grandparent. You are supporting a passion, a dream, their family!

I guess how I would like to finish this blog off is by saying shopping small is helping a person trying their best to bring happiness to others, and for me, happiness comes from the simple things.



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